Ad Specials

Pages of new ideas.

Thought over, created, printed: the development and realization of special creative productions is one of our focal points in the service field of print management. With our know-how and a large network of product specialists, we are ready to go the extra mile. No wonder, because constantly sounding out the limits in print technology, experimenting and playing around with possibilities until an idea can be put into practice – that's our passion. Here's a small selection of our ad specials and "First Movers". Roll it!

Select examples:
Supplement with mechanical pop-up
  • Shaped pop-ups as eyecatcher.
  • Pop-up elements can be produced in any shape desired.
  • Available as a bond-in or oversized supplement.

Not only were we taken care of by friendly and competent staff during realization of our ad specials, the AdTech Factory team even gave us creative tips on the implementation of our exceptional pop-up supplement. We’re so proud of what we created together and look forward to further projects with AdTech Factory.

Laura Benkert
Brand Manager DACH, Elizabeth Arden GmbH
Gatefold supplementary booklet with outline die cutting
  • The ad special classic – reinvented.
  • Outline die cutting makes the product an eye-catcher.
  • Almost all formats possible.
Catwalk Spread
  • More pages, more space, more emotions.
  • Visually extremely impressive.
  • Possible as a 12-pager (adhesive binding) or 16-pager (wire binding).
Transparent poster supplementary booklet
  • Exclusive and exquisite thanks to high-quality transparent paper.
  • Greater impact with the foldable poster booklet.
  • XXL advertising space for excellent presentation.
Wipe-away colors
  • Special printing colors which can be wiped off.
  • Perfect link to the advertised product.
  • Eye-catching and highly memorable.
Backing card with magic color
  • Playful interaction with the ad demonstrates product benefits.
  • Guaranteed wow-effect.
  • Possible as a supplement in wire binding and adhesive binding.